Monday, July 30, 2007

Art Unraveled Here I Come!

As a part of preparing for Art Unraveled, I decided to alter the journal I was taking for Julianna Coles Extreme Journalism class. So today I spent creating this journal using techniques taught by Misty Mawn at the ArtNest in Utah. I was basically pleased with the finished project but know I have to still work on perfecting these techniques. Misty makes it seem so easy. I realize that it will take much practice and patience.

After several days of gathering art supplies for each of the ten classes I will be attending at Art Unraveled, I am finally feeling that I almost have it together. Above are some of the trades I will be bringing along with me. I have loved designing bag books lately and this is the second retreat I have designed them for....using different themes of course. The subject of these books is my trip to France which I took a few years ago. The pages are filled with some of my favorite photos I took while touring Giverny and Monet's gardens, ephemera, special sentiments and a touch of locally grown French lavendar tucked away in a vellum envelope. I will also be trading my latest "Moo" cards.

It is so challenging packing art supplies for such retreats, not wanting to forget anything, wondering if I will be over the weight limit at the airport, double zip-locking liquids, etc....but sooo exciting at the same time thinking about all of the classes I will be taking and all of the new techniques I will learn. A week-long play date!

Monday, July 23, 2007

A "Thank You" to my ArtNest Sisters

Well fellow Nesters as a result of many of you encouraging me to set up a it is! Thank you all for your kind words of support, creative energy, warmth, open hearts, beautiful smiles, and generous spirits. I celebrate each and every one of you. The four days we spent together in the gorgeous mountain retreat in Utah at The ArtNest was so nurturing to my creative spirit.

Since the retreat, I have been madly designing jewelry for my collection at a charming antique store/bistro. If you would like to view some of my latest pieces, you can visit .

I have also been collecting all of my art supplies for my classes at Art Unraveled which begins August 5. So, I will be off to yet another art exciting. I just love learning new techniques and meeting new art-minded friends.

I must make this first post brief as it's time for me to get into my studio and start playing. Wishing you all well and look forward to seeing some of you at Art Unraveled.

Saturday, July 21, 2007