Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Art Unraveled - The Return - Chapter 2

I finally completed these collages that I started in Karyn Gartel's (the Altered Diva) "Softly Spoken" class at ARt Unraveled and thought you might like to see them. I really enjoyed Karyn's class....she is such a fun person, great artist and teacher, very inspiring and so open to sharing her special little tricks.
Art is letting your fingers capture what your heart is hearing.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Art Unraveled - The Return

It hardly seems possible that I have been home from Art Unraveled for almost two weeks now and I am still putting supplies away and completing some of the projects started in classes. What a great week it was taking day and evening classes from Julianna Coles, Jen Osborn, Leighanna Light, Richard Salley, Karyn Gartel, Tess Sinclair, Bernie Berlin and Deb Trotter.

Instead of "shop til you drop" it was "play and create until you drop". In fact, I won one of the drawings at the shopping extravaganza and it was the perfect gift for me.....a T-shirt with a collage on the front designed by Richard Salley with the caption "shop til you drop". The people who do know me know that is true.....I am an advid shopper. Well, the week felt like a "creating frenzy" instead of "shopping frenzy"....until Saturday at the Shopping Extravaganza...then it was truly shopping.

I thought you might like to see a few pictures of some of the projects I completed at the retreat. The photo above is of two copper and steel wire bracelets I designed in Richard Salley's class. It was a "His and Hers Bracelet" class, however, I prefer to wear both of these cuffs together. Dont' you just love the twisted wires!

The next two photos are of the Vintage Metal Deck created in Leighanna Light's class. This class was fun using different collaging techniques on metal....rusting, patina-ing, gessoing, clueing, stamping, painting, drilling. I featured one of my favorite Pre-Raphaelite paintings by Rossetti on each of the metal cards. I am a real romantic at heart and am charmed by the Renaissance period. Again, I loved working with the metal.

Some of the treasures I returned home with which I purchased at the Shopping Extravaganza were: a "prayer box" necklace creation by Susan Lenart Kazmer; an original collage by Karyn Gartel; and a cuff bracelet designed by Barbara Matthiessen...love them all.

But the most treasured gift I brought home with me was the opportunity to spend quality time with my dear friend, Susan, my friend Stephani and her mom, friend Riki and meeting up with my new friends from the Art Nest retreat that I had the pleasure of going to in June in Utah. Friends are some of life's most priceless gifts and I was so blessed spending this week with friends and making new ones.

Susan and I have been friends for about 5-6 years now and it seems as though we have known eachother for our entire lives. We are truly "soul sisters". We are astonished by how similar our "life stories" are and know we have lived parallel lives waiting to meet at the perfect time.

Meet the Art Nest gals. From left to right (back row) - Rebecca, waiter who just had to be part of the group, Sheri and Susan. Front row from left to right - Rena, Deb and myself. It was great re-connecting again after meeting in June at the ARt Nest Retreat. I hope to meet up with other "Nesters" at ARt and Soul in Portland in October.

Before I go, I wanted to leave you with a few thoughts on friendships....

-To be a good friend, value yourself. To treasure another's essence in your heart, you must first treasure the precious essence that is you.

-You don't need to vow to be a friend forever; just be. Say yes to the gift you are to each other and warm yourselves in the glow of that miracle.

-Allow yourself to be loved by your friend. You can give only what you have received. When your friend knocks on the door of your heart with love, put out the welcome mat of your longing-to-be-loved self.