Monday, January 28, 2008

Sometimes Life's Treasures are Invisible

Valentine cookies.....sweet reminders of this past week spent with my two grand-daughters ages 5 and 2. What fun we had reading, laughing, baking, singing, hugging, playing, dancing and of course, doing art. My 5-year old loves going into Nana's art studio and "doing crafts". Together we painted and dressed wooden dolls, made cookie dough, baked Valentine's cookies, decorated cookies, made beaded necklaces, rubber stamped and decorated Valentine's cards. How warming it is to my heart to see her so caught up in the magic of creating and letting her soul free.

So focused....this little one is! We can learn alot from children. I tend to be such a serious person and am constantly working on being perfectly imperfect. My 5-year old taught me a lesson when we were using my rubber stamps inside of her valentine cards. I was guiding her on the use and technique of stamping and encouraged her not to rock the stamp once put in place. Her first try stamping a cute rabbit from Alice in Wonderland ended up getting rocked which resulted in a blurred image....several rabbits instead of one. We then stamped another one together which came out clear and sharp. When we looked at both of the images, I pointed out to her the difference between the two when you rock the stamp and don't. She looked at the blurred image of the rabbit and said "but look Nana that rabbit is twirling and dancing around".......sure enough she was right. I just laughed and thanked her for opening my eyes to new perceptions and possibilities. After the cookies and cards were all finished she, her sister and I joyously celebrated by freely dancing about the studio and singing. I felt like a little girl once again myself!
"Sometimes life's treasures are invisible to the eye, yet miracles are unfolding everywhere. We must trust that our hearts are always leading us where we most need to go."