Sunday, February 17, 2008

Inspired At Last

Finally, after hybernating the entire month of January and fallen prey to the winter blues, I am again getting inspired to create. For the last two months I have wanted to attend the Alameda Antique Faire in California and each Sunday that it has been scheduled, it has rained. So, I have had to cancel my plans with much disappointment. So, I decided to visit local antique shops to seek out treasures. And this is what I have found....vintage laces, beaded collars, buttons, silver salt spoons and shakers, brooches, beads, coin purses, earrings and photos. Each waiting for me to breathe new life into them. ...what fun!

I loved this tiny sterling silver coin purse in need of repair. I know I can repair it, clean it up and have it become a focal point in a exciting.

Here is one of my newest pieces that I created with a portion of a vintage silver belly dancing belt, vintage mother of pearl buckle and vintage filigree earrings. Do you like!

Below is another piece which I incorporated a bezel I made in Jane Wynn's class at Art and Soul in Portland last October. In it I placed vintage paper, a button and the word "heart" then poured the resin. I thought the vintage key hole and key worked wonderfully with it.

The chain is comprised of a length of amber chandelier crystal chain. This necklace is long enough to just slip over your head so I did not add a clasp.

Below are heart pendants waiting to be soldered and hung on my handmade, torn dupioni silk and sterling wire cords.

So, I have been playing a little bit in my studio. FYI.....a little birdie told me a few weeks ago that three pieces of my jewelry will be featured in the June issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine. I am so pleased!

Welcome to Lina G's

Welcome to Lina G's located in Morro Bay, California. What an adventure it is visiting her shop of vintage trims, ribbons, flowers, hats, buttons, lace, cords, feathers, fabrics and more. Initially I was a bit over-whelmed stepping into this small paradise, which surprised me because I am a professional shopper and usually have no problem with such things. After walking through the shop and just looking and admiring all of the treasures I was ready to do some serious damage. Lina asked if she could help and I gladly took advantage of her vast expertise. Lina is truly an amazing person. She has been collecting these vintage embellishments for many, many years and has known a lot of the artists who created them. She knows the history of almost every single trim, ribbon, lace and button in her store.
I went to Lina's on the hunt for vintage trims and adornments for handbags I am creating for an antique faire in April. As I pulled out the fabrics I had already selected for each bag and showed Lina the vintage photo to be featured on each, her eyes lit up and her creative juices started flowing. You can see her above contemplating a trim for one of my bags. She rushed about her shop reaching into all of the hidden nooks to retrieve the perfect trim, beads, flowers, or silk ribbons to showcase the bag. It was amazing to see both my vision and Lina's vision of the handbag come alive. We both we on a creative "high."

Almost five hours later, all of my handbags had been outfitted with just the perfect embellishments. Now I just have to find the time to put all of the pieces together and see my finished project. As I complete them, I will share them with you. I think the handbags will be just what my booth will need to compliment my vintage inspired jewelry. If you are ever in Morro Bay, please stop by and visit Lina G's on Morro Bay Blvd......but be sure you have a few hours to savour the beauty of all that this little shop beholds.