Monday, September 8, 2008

Robin Kaplan Spring Collection

Before leaving on vacation, I had the pleasure of working with clothing designer, Robin Kaplan, again as her stylist for her spring collection photo shoot. Here are a few of the pieces I designed for her wonderful, romantic clothes.

You can have a taste of how our day went and drool over Robin's new collection by viewing this video (be sure to have your speakers turned on). Fantastic photos, awesome models and the clothes breath taking.

As a result of this shoot, I now have some of Robin's collection in my closet....I simply LOVE wearing her clothes!!Enjoy!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Immerse, Experience, Savour and Unwind

I have just returned from a wonderful two week vacation to the Pacific Northwest to visit my son who now lives in Seattle and to visit other friends and relatives in Washington and Canada.

My son recently moved to Seattle and this was my first time to experience this wonderful city. I am a small town girl at heart but did enjoy the tour my son and his partner took me on around the city. I was taken to some of their favorite restaurants where I savoured wonderful food and delightful atmospheres, did a little shopping, beachcombing, went to the movies and enjoyed eachother's company. I then took a ferry over to San Juan Island to visit my art friend, Riki, and her husband. Riki lives on the island for the summer and in my area the rest of the year.

This island is beautiful! My few days here were filled with walks, a visit to Roche Harbor where you can see Riki and I above, a visit to a picturesque lavender farm, shopping, great food, and good company. Riki is a fantastic jewelry artist, check out her website Ricarda . Riki is now in France spending a few weeks with Susan Lenart Kazmer playing and learning from one of her favorite artists.....I would actually say that Riki is a SLK groupy. Can't wait to see what she brings home, especially the results of her days spent in Paris searching the flea markets for treasures.
Next, another ferry ride to Vancouver Island to visit my dear, sweet cousin whom I had not seen for about nine years.

Vancouver Island holds a very special place in my heart as my parents lived in this gorgeous part of the world and I would visit every year. I had not been back to the island since my parents passing in 1999. Bittersweet to visit so many places I once laughed and enjoyed so with my parents, my mother especially.

My mother was an identical twin and I visited my cousin and her family who live in Victoria. My cousin and I are actually half-sisters when you think about it since our mothers are identical twins.

I spent time with my cousin and her family at their lake home where we walked, spent time by the lake, spent hours looking through photo albums of our sweet mums....reminiscing and trying to identify each of our mums in photos. very difficult when they are so very identical.

Here I stand on the train tracks that run in front of my cousin's house at the lake. A two-car train runs the length of the island once a day at exactly the same time taking passenger's to the various small towns along the way. It's a ritual for my cuz and her family to watch the clock anticipating its arrival and running outside and waving at the passengers. What fun!

The next part of my trip was to what I refer to as "God's Country" of my most favorite places to spend time Point No Point . The rugged coastline, rain forest-like terrain, storybook-like paths and trails, sights and sounds of the ocean, log cabins, fireplaces, no tv or phones and fabulous food.....serenade my soul each and every time I return.
Just walking the paths, searching the beaches for treasures washed up with the tide and sitting and savouring the moments of the day are so very special.

My son and partner joined me here for four glorious days.

Do you love my new fun shoes?

We celebrated my son's birthday here. Point No Point's chef is amazing. A piece of art is served to you on each and every plate and each morsel delicious. All this accompanied with a panoramic view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and snow capped Olympic mountains across the water. A perfect place for me to celebrate my son's birthday. He and I have so many great past memories here and the magic of Point No Point so dear to our hearts.

Thought I would share a few pictures I took of the area to give you an idea of its allure.

My son is an editor/writer for a very well known game company and is involved in the development of the latest fantasy role-playing tabletop games. Walking the paths of Point No Point was so very inspiring to him in visualizing possible new worlds, characters and stories for games to come.

Can't you just see a Hobbit running down these paths? Loved these tree roots.

Saying goodbye on our departure day was so very bittersweet. I left with many new treasured memories and experiences and yet had to say goodbye to a place on this earth that I hold so dear in my heart.......I will return!