Saturday, November 22, 2008


Take my hand and come with me to one of my favorite places to "just be", to experience the tranquil beauty of this place called Sweet Springs Nature Preserve. Here is where I come when I want to sit and just ponder. Ponder on nature's bountiful gifts, my blessings, my life. Here I can relax, breathe the salt air, watch turtles dart here and there, watch Egrets and Herons search for their lunch, and enjoy the visual feast that surrounds me. Here is just that......Here.
On this day, the mist settled over the area like a protective blanket adding a very mystical and fantasy appeal. I was conscious to walk softly along the paths as to not disturb the reverence that abided there.
Sweet Springs Nature Preserve is a charming protected habitat of about 10 acres near where the two small towns of Baywood Park and Los Osos meet. There is a natural fresh-water pond within just a few feet of the nearby saltwater Morro Bay estuary.
Reflecting back on that day at Sweet Springs was again another reminder of how very fortunate I am. How very grateful I am for living where I do. How very grateful and thankful I am for so many, many things in my life. And it is during this time as we approach Thanksgiving that we all are encouraged to be thankful for our blessings. When in reality, blessings should be counted every day.
Last night when I snuggled into bed, I reached for a small book I hadn't picked up for some time....Oprah's "What I know For Sure". When I opened the book, it immediately opened to "It's not easy being grateful all the time. But it's when you feel least thankful that you are most in need of what gratitude can give you: perspective. Just knowing you have that daily list (gratitude list) to complete allows you to look at your day differently, with an awareness of every sweet gesture and kind thought passed your way. When you learn to say thank you, you see the world anew. And as Meister Eckhart so eloquently stated: If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is 'Thank you,' that would suffice."
So, I am challenging you to make a list of 5 things you are grateful for this day and say "thank you". If we all live our days with our eyes and hearts wide open, we, too, can see the miracles that touch our lives each and every day.
Here are 5 things I am grateful for today:
1. A loving and supportive husband of almost 30 years
2. The priviledge of still being in my pajamas at noon on a Saturday
3. Good health
4. Good friends and soul sisters
5. The freedom to explore my art every day
Here are just a few pieces I have worked on during the last few weeks.
This sweet Frozen Charlotte is only 1 inch tall.
Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

Monday, November 17, 2008


This week's Shades of Inspiration challenge is "lime green" which happens to be my absolutely favorite color. If you could see my closet you would see how crazy I am about it...acid green (that's what I call this color) handbags, wallets, skirts, petticoats, blouses, sweaters, jackets, lingerie, jewelry, socks, scarves, and shawls. So, it was easy for me when learning about this week's challenge to rush into my closet and pull out my favorite shoes and petticoat for this photo.

And when I looked through my viewfinder on my camera, focusing down on these feet of mine, I gazed at the protuding veins in my feet and at first didn't want to take the picture. But then I realized that vanity held no place in this photo and that those veins were part of me and I blessed them and snapped the photo.

My feet that have carried me through so many, many years. Carried me through so many good times when my heart had wings and when that same heart was broken...they carried me still. They carried me through so many treasured adventures on cobble stoned streets in faraway places, wild flower fields laden with sweet perfume, down the aisle to my beloved, to the hospital to deliver my sweet son.

I am thankful for these feet of mine, veins and all. I am thankful that I can walk while others cannot. "Walking is the exact balance between spirit and humility" ~ Gary Snyder. You enter the unknown and the process....the experience....humbles, energizes, challenges and changes you.

Where are your feet taking you today?

P.S.  Many of you have inquired about my shoes.  They are El Naturalista Women's Iggdrasil Mary Jane shoes.  They are made in Spain, extremely comfortable, eco friendly and really fun to wear. 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tarnished Silver

Yesterday I visited my friend, Diane Cook's, blog and saw the wonderful photos she took as a result of Sadie Olive's Shades of Inspiration photography challenge for this last week. I love photography myself and thought this would be a way for me to improve my photography skills. So, I joined the group. What fun!
Here are my photos for "Tarnished Silver". You can visit the flickr photos here and see photos from other artists. Why don't you join in on Sadie's challenge?? Next week's theme is "lime green" of my absolute favorite colors.
"Shared moments help us discover the real beauty our souls are made of. The undaunted strength of our faith, and the wondrous miracle it is just to be alive." ~Flavia

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Secret Shaker Doll Necklace Class 2009

"I am just like you. A girl who is always learning. A woman whose soul is vibrant with inspiration. A creative spirit that is expressive and sensitive. We are all connected, intertwining in this creative life. It's because of this that I believe in the power of telling our stories--the stories of how we muster up our courage and leap and dance and breathe our way into our creative dreams. This is how we learn from one another. How we inspire one another. How we begin to finally see the potential and possibilities that live inside our hearts." ~Kelly Rae Roberts

The above quote is from Kelly Rae Roberts' new book "Taking Flight". I love this book, love Kelly's ability to express her heart, love the projects and the creative inspiration. A must read!
Like Kelly, I am always eager to learn and welcome opportunities to nuture my creative spirit, share and hopefully, encourage others to seek their creative potential. With that in mind, I will be offering another class, my Secret Shaker Doll Necklace, on Saturday, March 28, 2009, in the Village of Arroyo Grande, California.

In this class, students will learn basic soldering techniques, basic wire wrapping techniques, metal stamping and assemblage. The class is limited to 16 students. Please click on the flyer to see a larger view for details. Please contact me with any questions. Reservations for this class can be made directly through me. (email:
I would love to have you join me!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tag You're It!

Yes, I have been tagged! I must share six quirky facts about myself and tag six of my blog friends. Thanks, Nellie

Here are the official rules....

1. link to the person who tagged you

2. mention the rules

3. tell six quirky, yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself

4. tag six other bloggers by linking to them

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Here are the six people I am tagging...







Here are my six quirky things:

1. Hello my name is Diana Frey and I am a shopaholic

2. I love the smell of freshly cut grass and the pages of new books

3. I love to dance with abandon when no one is watching

4. I get motion sickness and don't enjoy riding on ferris wheels or roller coasters

5. I hate to exercise

6. I have a fear of driving in large cities I am not familiar with