Saturday, June 26, 2010


Have you ever not really traveled anywhere outside of your own zip code but felt as though you have made a major journey? Me too. I've been on such a journey. My journey has been a personal one and so full of rich moments. At the beginning of this year I mentioned that one of my goals was to create harmony and balance in my life. I know that many of you out there know exactly what I mean. For me, it has been a life long goal it seems.

AFter much introspective observation, refocusing, letting go, setting boundaries, asking for help and life has achieved the balance I have for so long sought. Less is truly MORE.
Along life's journey we all develop survival techniques out of necessity to just keep going, to stay alive, to do just that "survive." Then as we traverse down various paths, we discover that those survival instincts no longer serve us but indeed are now detrimental to our personal growth. It's at those times, we must examine our beliefs and ask ourselves if they are serving us and determine if they are, in fact, true. The process of letting go of those beliefs that no longer hold value can be challenging but once accomplshed can be such a freeing and UPLIFTING experience. Now you have room to fill that space with new desires and new dreams.....or NOT! I have always been a person who fills up those spaces. But now I'm choosing not to and LESS IS TRULY MORE!

I believe days spent with family and friends are at a premium as evidenced in the photo above of my sweet sister and her granddaughter. Wouldn't it be awesome to see the world through the eyes (and lense) of a 1 year old once again? I believe time spent with friends are endearing gifts. Here is a photo of my farewell get together with my dear friend of over 35 years (below). She is moving to another state....I will miss her so.

So my postcards to you today are not from an exotic, far away paradise with handsome cabana boys serving me margaritas, but from my simple "day-in-the-life" of Diana. A day filled with a simple taste of a sweet strawberry, a visit to farmer's market, a day with loved ones, a day spent creating, a day of gratitude, a day of healthy self care, a day of stoppng and smelling the roses, and a day believing in what I believe to be true.

Next week I hope to post the beginning of a series of posts entitled "FAVES" in which I will share with you some of my favorite tools in my studio which I would hate to be without. Also, stay tuned for an announcement of the next class that Riki Schumacher and I will be team teaching in October.

I Need Your Help Please ....I am currently planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest to visit my son who lives in Seattle the middle of September. I will have a few days to myself while my son is working during the day and would like to ask for your help in suggesting interesting places to visit, shop, eat, etc. in Seattle. Any ideas?? After this trip.....I'll be able to send you real postcards!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Looky, Looky

Looky, looky what my friend Riki Schumacher is giving away on her blog. Don't miss out. Her charming etched, embellished boxes have become so very popular and admired. Isn't this one so very sweet? I just love her nature theme complete with a resined egg, moss and feather. I own one of Riki's boxes and have it placed on display along with my favorite fragrances on a sterling silver tray....a constant reminder of my dear friend.

Yesterday I picked up the new Summer 2010 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry. And Looky, Looky who is in it.....yes, my friend Riki. Her antique sterling silver napkin ring makeover is so very chic. What a gorgeous, unique cuff, Riki!

Looky, Looky.....Another good friend, Diane Cook is also featured in this issue. Diane has her version of a cuff showcased....etched and cold joined....layers of texture and bling. Check it out! FYI....Diane is the current guest curator for Read about how art has changed Diane's life and how it can possibly change yours.

And yet another person I have the pleasure of calling friend, Deryn Mentock has her tiny tintype gems featured. My favorite is her adorable little girl turned angel. Tintypes are so fun to incorporate into mixed media art in so many ways.

This issue is rich with ideas. I am constantly impressed with Stampington's layouts, photography, artists and articles.

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!