Saturday, October 30, 2010

Above Ground

Yes, yet another year has flown by for me as I celebrated a birthday this past week.  The ladies at the pool where I work out have a saying "any day above ground is a good day".  It is that simple!   Each day of life is so very precious and each passing year filled with memories, trials, laughs, blessings is so very treasured.  This year I celebrate 62 years of living and I have so much to celebrate.
Hoping all of you October babies celebrated in style!

My hands have been busy as of late, designing pieces to fill orders in preparation for the holidays.  Here is a taste of what I have been up to.
A sampling of both completed and "in progress" pieces....tweaked using the colored pencil feature in PhotoShop.
Heart Boxes
Next week's projects laid out on my planning table waiting to be assembled.
Just a quick visit today my friends as I must start to work in my studio.  I have been so focused in meeting design deadlines that I have not had the time to pay you all visits....I apologize.  Know that I am thinking about you and hoping life is good as you celebrate each day. 
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Queen For A Day

Announcing the next class that Riki Schumacher and I will have the pleasure of teaching the end of February.  If you have been wanting to know Riki's secrets on how she creates those charming etched boxes of hers and creating your own soldered dimensional, open is the chance you have been waiting for.
Come and honor that Queen in you!
Click on the above flyer for details.  To reserve your spot, email Diana.
Space is limited.
Ta Ta


On The Cuff Class
Meet some of the incredible women who joined Riki Schumacher and I in our "On The Cuff" class this weekend.  First of all, Susan (above), showing off her Pearls of Wisdom cuffs.
-Jennifer metal stamping-
-Mari using a center punch-
-Sara (left), Pat (center), and Trisha (right)-
-Brenda getting ready to use the flex shaft-

This group of women amazed me in what they accomplished in just two days.  For some, this was their very first jewelry design class ever.  Students got to play with shear breaks; belt sanders; torches; bracelet benders; flex shafts; jeweler's saws; etching; making hinges; wire-wrapping; cold joining and all kinds of hand tools in this class. 
As you can see everyone completed at least two bracelets. 
What a joy it was to share this past weekend with you all.  You each added so much to my teaching experience.  I always learn so much from you all.  Despite the challenges of learning so much in so little time, all of you over came the obstacles with a sweet smile on your face and achieved a sense of accomplishment and gratification of having completed a project....and completed it well. 
Look at these beautiful creations each now wears as an adornment.  Each time you wear your cuffs, I hope that you will have a smiling heart as you recall your weekend with us and give yourself a hug knowing you made time for yourself and allowed your creative spirit to play. 
Adorn your "Wonder Woman" cuffs and go and conquer the world!!
Thank you all!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweet Nothings

A few weeks ago as I was rummaging through my drawers of supplies, I came across several bezels I purchased at Art Unraveled a few years ago.  I decided that they had stayed empty and forgotten long enough.  What could I do different I asked myself.  I took out my stash of cabinet cards, mostly of angelic faces of children long gone....but not forgotten, not any less treasured.

My work, in general, tends to be quite detailed, bold and full of drama.  For these sweet bezels I saw something more simple, more delicate in nature.  So I began by scanning in my favorite images, shrinking them to an appropriate, workable size and cutting them out.  Can you see a snipit of the original photo in the background of the image above? 
I then played with Paints. With a tiny paint brush and a few swirly strokes, voila I had what looked like flowers highlighting foreheads, collars and shoulders....and yes, crowns of course.

Resin was poured in each bezel; embellishments adhered in place and whisperings of chain threaded through each bail.  What do you think? 

And there you have my "Sweet Nothings ". 

....unconsequential expressions of affection
"he whispered sweet nothings into her ear."
- endearments-

-A little peek-

Now onto the prep for the "On The Cuff " class this weekend.  Riki Schumacher and I will have the pleasure of teaching together once again and sharing what we love to do. We have been busy getting ready for all of the excitement.   We still have a few spots left if you would like to join us at the last minute.  For info, click on the class flyer under my "Teaching" label.

FYI....stayed tuned for information on our next class for all of you royal types out there (February 26 & 27, 2011)  Flyer will be up next week.

Ta Ta

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Dance

We have returned from our antique faire weekend adventures and adventures they were indeed.  Riki and I had so much fun first starting with the Remnants of the Past antique faire in Nipomo, Ca.  This faire is so classy in the care and attention each vendor puts into their booth displays...definite eye candy. 
 How clever is this....filling and coating antique gloves with plaster then putting them on a stand.

After meeting up with another friend for lunch, Riki and I were off to the Bay Area....about a 4 1/2 hour drive north.  That evening we had dinner with Catherine Witherall, another artist friend of ours and ate, talked and laughed for hours.

Alameda was a blast, shopping was at a premium, and treasures were found.  At lunch we took a break and met up with Catherine again and ran into Amy Hannah and Pam fun is that.
There were so many vendors (hundreds) that we couldn't see them all....I definitely need to wear rollerskates next time or get there at 6 in the morning with a flashlight.  Here is a peak at some of the treasures I brought you think I like bling just a little???

One of my favorite finds of the weekend was the alabaster art deco hand which I will use in my displays.  Now I need to get in the studio and design so I can fill my pending orders. 

Wishing you all a great week. 


Friday, October 1, 2010

Guess What?

I'm packing my bags and getting ready to leave in the morning and I'm so excited.
Can you guess by the photos below where I will be going?

Okay, I'll tell you....I will be going to the Remnants of the Past antique show once again.  This show is held in Nipomo, Ca twice a year in an enchanting barn in the middle of orange groves.  Judy Watkins, who organizes it, selectively invites all of the vendors and donates a portion of the proceeds to ovarian cancer research.  All of the vendors do such an extraordinary job of presentation so my camera will be with me at all times....along with my change purse....I robbed my piggy bank for this one.
And if that wasn't enough, I will then be traveling on with my good friend, Riki, to Alameda in the San Francisco Bay Area as we get in place to put our running shoes on the first thing Sunday morning to "shop til we drop" at the Alameda Antique Faire.  Alameda has hundreds of vendors and I try to see everyone...wish I had a pair of shoes like the kids have with the drop down roller blades in the sole.  I get so enthralled with the quest that it is hard to stop to even eat. 
Yes, a great weekend indeed.  I just love, love, love hunting for treasures, and being with friends.
I'll be sure to share my loot upon my return.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!