Friday, November 26, 2010

Time Gone By

Have you ever come across a photograph that just tugs at your heartstrings, overwhelming you with tenderness....well that's what antique cabinet cards of adorable children do for me.  These angelic creatures of a time gone by, even though long gone, still speak to me.
Look at these sweet faces, their beautiful expressive eyes and their crisp, white hand-made dresses and shirts.  You know their parents are standing behind the camera man so proud, so full of love in their hearts.

My collection has grown over the years and has remained hidden in a special antique box that was given to me by a dear friend who has since passed away.  Periodically I take the photos out looking at each face and wondering what their story is, where did they live, what experiences did they have in their life time so long ago, were they happy.  
Well I thought that it was way past time that each one was honored in some way in my jewelry art.  So was born the idea of my "Sweet Nothings" collection.  I have spoken about this collection in a past post, however, I did want to mention it again as I have decided to part with my creations and have listed several in my Etsy store. 

 By scanning in each photo into my computer, I was able to manipulate the size of the image to fit into my selected bezel.  Taking acrylic paints and a very tiny paint brush, I painted colorful details onto each photo...touches of flowers and garlands here and there.  After sealing each piece, I poured my resin and dropped in delicate silver micro beads.  Oh, and I wish I could take credit for the beautiful hand-written words in each, however, they are rub-on letters.  Then each bezel was hung on a delicate chain of pearls, crystals and silver. 
I would like to think of a way to display and enjoy my cabinet card collection.  Do any of you have any suggestions on how I could do that? 
Hoping you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday.  My get together with family was wonderful.  Leftovers were yummy today and tomorrow I must get out for a walk to burn up the calories from the two pieces of pumpkin pie I had...oh, but it was so good!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today I go grocery shopping for our Thanksgiving meal.  All the usual things - green bean casserole, dressing, pumpkin pie, whip cream....and yet to me Thanksgiving is not about the abundance of food but the abundance of love, family, friends, and grateful hearts.

I realize that during this time of difficult economic times life can be challenging at best for some and "abundance" in your life can seem an intangible concept.  When we change our focus from wide angle to macro...we can, with an open heart, see some flicker of hope, in the warm smile and hug of a loved one, the beauty to behold in nature's bounty, and the simple blessing each breath brings.

I wish you all an open heart, a full heart, as you embrace and rejoice in your bounty of blessings.

 Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


This morning I woke and lingered in bed enjoying the peacefulness, enjoying day dreaming and enjoying the beginning of yet another day in this life of mine.  I realized how much I do love my bedroom, my sanctuary, my retreat and the role it plays in my life.  Every detail was ceremoniously thought over when I created this personal domain of mine.
I painted the walls tonalities of tranquil taupe; hunted for the perfect mattress; selected high-thread count cotton sheets, a down comforter, silk bed cover and burlap bed skirt.  I made pillow cases from my grandmother's linen napkins and embellished them with my favorite antique brooches; re-upholstered chairs with silk found at an antique faire; lay an antique, tattered length of lace across the foot of the bed; and hung window treatments I purchased in Provence.  My favorite music can be played with a touch of a remote, my  favorite books lay waiting on my nightstand next to my alabaster antique lamp.  Luxurious hand and foot creams, essential oils and scented candles fill the air with soothing scents.  Treasured artwork adorn the walls, only but a few as to not clutter.  My choices are of sweet angels and cherubs some of which I selected when with my sweet mum.  And photos of loved ones sit on shelves keeping my soul company.  No phone, no T.V. This is where I begin my day, this is where I end my day.  This is where I pray, this is where I dream, this is where I mend, rest, contemplate and sometimes cry......but am always nurtured.

Are you happy with your bedroom?  Do you feel joy when you enter your bedroom?  If not, be resourceful, listen to your yearnings, trust your eye and impulses and create your sacred space.  With a little ingenuity, thrifty shopping, using elements you have tucked away in a different way, perhaps altered with the touch of a sewing machine, adding a fresh coat of paint, etc. you, too, can create your personal domain.

Today, Saturday, is the day my husband and I have a standing date, as we get up early and go to Farmer's Market to shop for local produce, flowers, sample pastries and sip our favorite coffee or tea.  Today I treated myself to some beautiful flowers....splendor in a vase.....heavenly tokens of simple pleasures. 

I also had to purchase one of my favorite autumn fruits...Fuji persimmons....a simple pleasure for the palatte..oh my, I love these.

And this afternoon, I may even allow myself to take a break from my studio to indulge in a nap....a sweet cat nap....

-meet Mojo our adopted cat-

Another simple pleasure......what simple pleasures do you surround yourself with.  Treat yourself to something special today my are worth it!

Happy Autumn