Monday, February 21, 2011

Mary Hetts

Girlfriend time is so very important!
I was so blessed this last weekend to have spent it with two of my favorite people - Stephani Gorman and Riki Schumacher.   We took a trip down south and spent two days with Mary Hettsmansperger learning to weave with wire, enamel, anneal sheet metal, and a variety of cold connections.  Mary is amazing and I just love how she has taken her passion for weaving with fibers and transferred it to weaving with metals. 

Here is the piece I worked on the first day of class.  Look at those wonderful colors achieved with a propane torch.  Simply amazing!  I chose to showcase a vintage rhinestone that I have been hanging on to just waiting for that perfect project.  I enjoyed creating a different type of "reveal" in metal.  If you will remember, I created a reveal in silver clay in a previous post when taking a class from Jonna Faulkner.

On the second day, Mary demonstrated a variety of weaving techniques.  Again I chose a vintage crystal to adorn, this time with vintage bronze wire and seed beads.  Now I have to find the perfect chain to display this pendant on.

If you haven't discovered Mary Hettsmansperger's artwork!  She has three books out.  I have her Wrap, Stitch, Fold and Rivet book featuring so many wonderful projects.
Have a great week.  I'm off now to spend time in my studio preparing for a class I will be team teaching with my friend, Riki, this week.....Queen For A Day.  If any of you are interested in joining us, we do have a few spots left.  We would love to have you.
Ta Ta

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

"Love, that thing we have great difficulty even describing, is the only truly real and lasting experience of life.  It is the opposite of fear, the essence of relationships, the core of creativity, the grace of power, an intricate part of who we are.  It is the source of happiness, the energy that connects us and that lives within us.

Love has nothing to do with knowledge, education, or power; it is beyond behavior.  It is also the only gift in life that is not lost.  Ultimately, it is the only thing we can really give.  In a world of illusions, a world of dreams and emptiness, love is the source of truth."
~ Elizabeth Kubler-Ross~

Wishing all of my blogging sisters a happy Valentine's Day!  Treat yourselves to something special on me!