Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I returned from Phoenix a few short days ago after teaching two classes at Art Unraveled.  Everything about my experience was incredible!!  Linda and Chuck Young who organize the event single handedly are fantastic.  Every detail was taken care of and seemed to run smoothly.  Smiling faces were seen everywhere.  I had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people, making new friends, meeting blog peeps in person, and my students were amazing!

 Here are two very special people...Tiffany and Pat......both volunteered to help me set up my Briar Rose class.  Thank you ladies....you were incredible.....and look at your sweet Sleeping Beauties....love them!

More examples of my student's creations.  So enjoyed meeting Betti Z....what a charmer from New York.  And look at Mary's beautiful smile!  ....I told you smiles were everywhere.

Wednesday evening I met up with my good friend Diane Cook and her hubby Allen as we ventured out of the hotel for a dining experience in nearby Scottsdale at The Mission restaurant.  Many others joined us....seen above with Diane is Pam Carriker.

The restaurant was full so we were offered seating out on the patio (at 112 degrees mind you!!!!).  I, at first, was hesitant but the patio was very pleasant and they situated our table right in front of the largest fan I have ever seen.  It kept us all quite comfortable.  Here we all are...look at Allen sitting at the head of the table with a big grin on his face as he is surrounded by women.  Starting on the front left and going back we have Serena Barton, Pam Carriker, Diane Cook, Allen, Renee Troy  (back right), JoAnnA Pierotti, and Pat Soenke.  The food was amazing Latin cuisine and certainly lived up to the raves I had heard from others back at the hotel.  About half way through our meal, the weather gods entertained us with a light show as streaks of lightening filled the darkened sky and the jubilant possibility of cooling rain. The skies finally opened up and large cooling droplets fell on us just as we were waiting for our dessert to arrive.  Oh well, I didn't need those calories anyway.   A very fun evening indeed!

My Twisted Sistah class was also full of wonderful souls.  I was so very proud of them and their creations.  Such a fun group of ladies.

I BIG "Thank You" to all of my students who made my experience at Art Unraveled incredible.  You are all such an inspiration to me!!

Every evening there was a reception at the hotel and I met up with a lot of friends....both new and old.

If you haven't had the opportunity to attend an art retreat, I encourage you do so.....an experience that will surely enrichen your creative soul.