Thursday, September 8, 2011

OOh La La

OOH LA LA --- Take 1 and 2

Two weekends in a row I had the pleasure of teaching 16 lovely ladies the basics of working with fine silver clay. 

At the request of a Southern California art group, I opened up an additional weekend of teaching Oh La La so they could plan a fun art weekend together.  What an amazing, talented group!   Julie and Cindy are missing from the photo above, but their presence was not.  There was so much positive, crazy energy going on all weekend. 

Oh, Julie....there you are.

Look at Carolyn's fabulous pieces....I don't think this was your first time working with fine silver clay Carolyn!

The second weekend started off with my sweet friend, Charlene,  from Texas and mutual friend, Sandy, arriving in town a few days early.  That gave us plenty of time to visit over a leisurely lunch and dinner beforehand.  Oh how I am blessed with good friends.

Here is the OOH LA LA class Take 2...another amazing group of women!

Charlene's great pieces!
Susan's loot....I think she has a plan going here...don't you?

Now that my classes are completed until the end of October when my friend, Riki, and I will be team teaching "Bezelicious"...... my time and attention is focused on creating a fall collection of jewelry for the stores I design for.  Here are the colors I have selected for fall....amber and eggplant.  Aren't they yummy!!!  Recently picked up the beauties above at the Gem Faire in Santa Barbara.  Love Citrine, Amethyst, Spider Agate, and Ametrine.

By the way there are a few spaces left in "Bezelicious" if you would like to come and learn all about creating bezels.  Just contact me and we will reserve you a spot.  And while you are thinking about classes, take a few minutes to visit Riki's E-Workshops Blog and see what that girl has up her sleeve. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend...always great to have a long weekend off.  For me "Labor" Day means something quite different other than the original definition of this holiday.  For me 39 years ago I was actually "in labor" wtih my dear son, Jeremy.....certainly another reason to have a holiday celebration!!