Wednesday, October 10, 2012


 Yes, here I am in the land of Weird, Wild and Wonderful at Art Is You in Petaluma a few weeks ago.  Sporting our pink tutus in honor of "pink" Friday, we were kicking up our heels in joy with all of the creative energy surrounding us for a few days.  In the right hand photo is myself, of course, and my sweet friend, Vickie Orlando.  Don't we look cute!  And look at those fantastic name badges we were all gifted with......each one hand made by Ellen.  Wow the detail in each one....and each and every one (about 200 of them) were unique.  I can't imagine how long it took Ellen to design all of these in addition to the ones she made for everyone at Art Is You in Stamford.  Thank you Ellen...I will treasure mine.
In the lower left photo you see Vickie and I again with my friend, Betti Zucker from New York....and you have to say that with the New Yooooork accent like Betti does.  Both Betti and Vickie surprised me with puppy shower gifts while at Art Is You....what a treat.  Thank you both for your kind, generous hearts.  Love everything you gave Olive Rose and I.

Saturday, I had the pleasure of taking a class from Sunny Carvalho.  Doll making is one of Sunny's many talents.  Above you can see some of the results of the class....look at all of those distinctive little personalities that came to fun! My little "Edna" is the blue haired gal on the right.  This class was really challenging for me since I had never sculpted before.  I learned so much and can't wait to get my hands on more paper clay and see what little souls appear.  

On Sunday, I taught my Madame Bijoux Box class to such a fantastic group of people.  We played with torches, resin, patina and cold connections. Thank you all for joining me for the day.  Above you can see some of the student's finished boxes.....didn't they do a great job!  

Sallianne and Ellen (the Art Is You organizers extraordinaire)  both dropped by for a classroom visit.  Catherine Witherell and Julie Panusis and I pose for a pic (lower right). One of Catherine's romantic Madame Bijoux Boxes takes center stage in this collage.  Just love it Catherine!  And Miss Olive poses here on one of my work new studio mascot...and who knows, perhaps my new muse.

Picked up Miss Olive (a Havanese) on my way home from Art Is You....and our lives have been changed.  Olive is my first ever puppy as an't realize how my life would change.    I feel as though I am that 23 year old mom again taking care of a toddler.  But, it is oh so worth it.  Next Monday we start puppy preschool classes.  She is a quick learner, eager to please and a luv.....and sometimes a little brat  (just like her mom).   Olive is teaching me a lot about myself.  Every day brings something new, a bit of insight, laughter, successes, challenges, puppy dog kisses, and about a hundred more "go potty's".
Our grand-daughters came for a visit last weekend and they fell in love with Olive as you can see.  They had so much fun playing with her. 

Well, that about catches you up on what my life has been like during the last few weeks. If you don't hear from me for a while, you know I am busy being a puppy mom.   



Charlene said...

HOW is it Olive gets cuter each time I see her? I know the granddaughters fell HARD! Who wouldn't?

Cute photos of you & Vickie! I do love the tutu's!!! I want one too!

I can't believe you know Betty Zucker!!!!!!!!! I met her at Paper Cow Girls last year. IT IS A SMALL WORLD! And I see you met Shawn Street. Isn't she a sweetie? We met at Kim's last event. And Kaddee Metzger LOVE HER TOO! We saw Shawn at the flea market during Petite Retreat in June.

Miss you soooooooooooo Had a long phone conversation with my Mom today... that's a whole "nother" phone chat soon. HUGS!
Charlene & Elle (she sends hugs, wags, & kisses to both you & Olive)

connie said...

Diana, thank you for the wonderful classes you taught at Petaluma. I learned so much and enjoyed every minute. You're so talented, a great teacher and I appreciate that you share your tips and techniques. I look forward to taking more classes with you. Enjoy your new pup!

Sherry said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience at Petaluma...for both teacher and students!

And Olive Rose is a beauty -- little wonder your granddaughters have fallen in love with her!

khess136 said...

Enchanting!! I must keep tabs on this fabulous Art is..event for next year. Traveling from AZ to CA is certainly in my realm, especially if it means taking a class in person with you, dear Diana!

Your life has changed, but that sweet little puppy face can certainly be numbered with all your blessings. Darling grand girls as well! Relax now and have a wonderful week!

lilylovekin said...

Diana, it was so good to touch base with you in Petaluma. It was a great retreat and I enjoyed my day there. Olive is adorable, I love her little brown nose! Love her dearly and enjoy the days. Love Lorrie

lilylovekin said...

Diana, it was so nice to touch base with you at ART is YOU. I can't believe it has been two years. I enjoyed my time at the retreat and it looks as if you did also. Olive is adorable, I love her little brown nose. Enjoy your days with her as a puppy, they grow up so fast! Love Lorrie

cindy craine said...

How can you ever put that puppy down, she is so adorable! OMG! It looks like you all had so much fun, and the tutus! You had a fun class with Betty and Kaddee, man I wish I could have been a fly on the wall, I bet you wee all laughing up a storm!! Can't wait to see you again,xoxoxoxoxo-cindy

Lori Bowring Michaud said...

How much fun!! I returned back from Art is You...Stamford last Sunday. My very first art retreat and I will definitely be going back! What a wonderful, life-changing experience! I wasn't brave enough to wear a tutu this year, but maybe next! Perhaps I'll be able to make it to Petaluma some day...

Miss Olive is a cutie-patootie!

Kadee @KadeeWillow said...

What a treat to see Art Is.. through your eyes! That event was so much fun and how much fun was it taking a class from you! My little soldered box sits on my windowsill reminding me of all that I learned from you. I am so anxious to take another class! Hopefully I will see you soon!