Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Puppy Dog Kisses GIVEAWAY

Sending you all puppy dog kisses for the holidays!

This little precious one has been keeping me busy during the last few months....teaching me what it is like to be a puppy  mom, testing my patience, showering me with kisses, and opening my heart to places I didn't know existed.  I love my little Miss Olive.   

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and friends.  Can you believe the holidays are upon us already?  This is the first time I can remember having all of my Christmas shopping  and decorating complete and it isn't even December 1st yet.    I know crazy but I do have my reasons.  On Monday, I will have hip surgery and will be a bit laid up during December and hobbling around on crutches for awhile.  It is a good thing.  I look forward to recovery, rebuilding my strength and being mobile once again.  No, I will not be having a hip replacement but repairs done for a labral tear and bone spur that have caused me havoc this year....that's what I get for playing Dance Connect with my grand daughters last Christmas and thinking I was 20 years younger....bodies just don't do what they used to do when we get older.  Drat!

I haven't had much time to play in my studio but have developed a new class which will take place in my California home studio May  31, June 1 and 2, 2013.   My new love, "bronze clay" will be the focus of this 3-day retreat and will include a shopping day at Remnants of the Past Vintage Show here in San Luis Obispo, Ca.  I invite you to visit my "Class" page for details.  I would love to have you join is limited.


On another note....have you discovered the great opportunity that awaits you over at Art Is You to help those who have lost so much as a result of Hurricane Sandy?  Vivi Magoo Presents, Art Unraveled,  An Artful JourneyArtful Gathering, and Adorn Me have all joined together in efforts to raise funds to help Sandy's victims.....hop on over to Art Is You and see the possibilities.  Tis the season!


And speaking of giving and the holidays.....I would like to announce a GIVEAWAY and SALE that all of you can take advantage of...... my way of expressing my heartfelt thanks for your continued support of my artful endeavors, kind words, and always giving me opportunities to grow and learn.  

GIVEAWAY - I will be giving away 2 of my Twisted Sistah DVD's and 2 of my Heart to Heart tutorials as a Christmas gift to four of you.  I will draw the winning names December 22nd.  So you have about three weeks to enter the drawing.  All you have to do is sign up as a follower to my blog and leave a comment on this post.  I would love to hear about one of your favorite holiday traditions. Good luck!

SALE - beginning December 1st, my Twisted Sistah DVD's (available in my Etsy store) and Twisted Sistah on-line workshop through Creative Workshops will go on sale for the entire month of December.  For one month only, the enhanced version of Twisted Sistah will be only $99.  

Santa's elves will be busy in my studio while I not to worry about getting that DVD before Christmas.

Wishing you all a blessed holiday season.....I have so much to be grateful for, so many blessings.....Kiss, Kiss....


A Magical Whimsy said...

Oh my! What a wonderful giveaway. And what a heart-felt kindness for encouraging us to make a donation to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I know I have been to your blog but now I am a follower. Your jewelry is amazing. What I enjoy most about this holiday season is the smell of the pine trees everywhere I go shopping. Such a lovely refreshing fragrance which fills the senses which remind me of long ago family holiday gatherings.
Hope you do well with your hip surgery.
Teresa in Central California

Blessed Serendipity said...

I'll take some puppy dog kisses. What a sweetie! We will be participating in a family tradition called "Walk Through Bethlehem". It is a interactive live play where everyone who comes is involved. Imagine a bustling city of Bethlehem and the anticipation of a Savior who is to be born. We enjoy this event very much. Thank you for dropping my name into the hat for your giveaway. I am a follower.


Katalina Jewelry said...

Oh my, your bronze clay necklace is just gorgeous, Diana!
Since my sons have grown, I look forward to a cozy dinner with them and my husband on Christmas Eve. It's a relaxing time before the busy celebrating with extended family on Christmas day. Thanks for the giveaway offers...I'm crossing my fingers! Hope all goes well with your surgery.


Suzanne said...

You puppy is so darned cute; they really are the best. I'm a huge fan of your jewelry so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you for such a generous giveaway. Happy Holidays!

D Fritz said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery. My sister and I have a tradition we share on xmas eve...our love of antiques. Both of us travel to our parents home for the holidays and there is a great antique store near by. The two of us slip away from the holiday preparations and spend some time together, just the two of us. The best part, instead of being crazy like most retail stories on xmas eve, its quiet and peaceful.

UPON A HILL said...

I love all your work. I was introduced to you through Pinterest. Amazing lovelies that you do! Thanks for the giveaway. May you have a speedy recovery!

Blessings~ Kim

Linda Y said...

What a cute, cute puppy. My daughter Baille would just be loving her to pieces. I am already a follower of your blog and I love your jewelry style. I would love to win one of your DVDs. One of my favorite holiday traditions is to make homemade cinnamon rolls with my daughter and then giving them out as gifts in baskets with little coffees, hot chocolates and teas for Christmas morning. Have a great holiday.


Nancy Bowron said...

I love seeing your creative gift expressed in the jewelry you design!
As for a tradition, we bake and decorate gingerbread cookies! Some years we have done houses and created little villages. This year we will be doing giant gingerbread men and will include the grandchildren for the first time. It should be a sticky fun evening!

Cottonridge said...

Hi, Diana! I've been a follower for a little while and am always excited to see your posts!What talent! And so sweet of you to share! Good luck with your surgery and hope you have a quick recovery. Thanks for the opportunity to own one of your wonderful dvds!

Holiday hugs,

UPON A HILL said...

Beautiful necklace! I found you through Pinterest! Amazing lovelies that you do! Thanks for the giveaway! May you have a speedy recovery!

Blessings~ Kim

Vintage Gypsy said...

I am a follower and I would love to win! Your puppy is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen, precious!

Sharon said...

Hi Diana! I have been "lurking" your blog for awhile and finally joined a few days ago! Your pup is the cutest, and your bronze clay necklace is amazing.

I would love to win a DVD, especially for Christmas. Our holiday tradition is a large family gathering on Christmas Eve with a fabulous dinner, then attending midnight Mass.

Wishing you a fast recovery and a wonderful Christmas holiday.

Tracie Dean said...

It would be such an honor to win. I am afraid I can not attend your live classes due to the distance.

Though on the flip might not get rid of me if I was closer...would love to learn everything you know :-)

angi eharis said...

Happy holidays diana, i am a follower and always get so inspired by you and your blog/art/jewelry, thanks so much for sharing with us, you are so generous! I have been dying to get your twisted sister dvd so my fingers are crossed! I have little grndkids & we are blessed to experience the joy of the holidays thru their eyes, last nite we surprised our 3yo grndson with xmas lites on the patio, does not get any better than the beauty of that for us! Mele kalikimaka! aloha, angi in hana

lilylovekin said...

So glad you are enjoying little Olive. Best of luck with your surgery and recovery-my thoughts will be with you. Much love Lorrie

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Oh My Gosh, I would LOVE to win a DVD of your Twisted Sistah Jewelry! I'm already a follower, actually you are on my sidebar! One of our Christmas traditions is to go to Longwood Gardens on Christmas Eve, where we attend the organ concert and sing Christmas carols. Longwood was created by the DuPont Family who lived there for many years. It's in Kennett Square, PA

Sandra said...

What a wonderful opportunity! Thank you.
I am a follower.
Wishing you all the best with your surgery.


Lori Bowring Michaud said...

Diana, I'll be thinking of you as you recover from your surgery. My youngest daughter, Gabrielle, had the same surgery at the end of June; left hip, labral tear and cam impingement. Thankfully there was no evidence of arthritis and the labrum wasn't frayed so it could be reattached. Instead of 8 weeks non-weight bearing on crutches, she was 4 weeks light weight bearing.

Speak to your surgeon to see if you can get Mobilegs Crutches . They're ergonomic and make a WORLD of difference in your comfort. She's been on crutches multiple times (3 sport athlete) and couldn't believe the difference. If your surgeon doesn't have them, let me know, I'd be happy to send you hers. They're collecting dust here!

Do everything your doctor and physical therapist say and don't do anything you're not supposed to!! She had a wonderful recovery - she did everything she wasn't supposed to. Go figure, I chalk it up to her being 21 and in excellent physical shape when she had the surgery - as does her PT. She gave him gray hair!

Good luck to you!

La Doña said...

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery. I am already a follower and thank you very much for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.


art-in-my-spirit said...

Hello Diana Registering for the give away, I'm dreaming about your twisted sista dvd! But most importantly, wishing you a fast recovery and praying for you, May the Lord heal you quickly. God bless you and your family , have a beautiful Christmas.

VintageCrafter said...

Hi Diana! I am now an offical follower! I love reading your blog and enjoy your creativity. Hope you are feeling better and recover quickly enough to dance again this Christmas....ok maybe tap your toes!
Please count me in and have a wonderful Christmas!

VintageCrafter said...

Hi Diana!
I am now an official follower! I hope that you recover quickly and feel like "dancing" soon!
Have a wonderful Christmas.


Jennifer Mechling said...

I wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery!! I'm sure your little puppy is helping you heal, talk about adorable. I just love your work, just beautiful and so inspiring. Wishing you the best and good health in 2013!!

Thoughtfulhands said...

Hi Diana,

Your little Olive is just adorable. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery and a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!

Already a follower...

QueenBe said...

Oh boy would I love to win one of the DVD's. I have admired your work for a while and will continue to do so. It just amazes me. Thank you for the chance to win your DVD~

Alice said...

Oh yes, I'd be thrilled to win!!! I'm a follower....and love reading your blog, though I haven't been here for a while.

Thanks so much for the chance to win. I hope your holidays are merry and bright.

J Jan said...

Some very warm wishes for a speedy recovery. Your joyful spirit shines through in all your posts-and what a wonderful giveaway for those of us who admire your work.
We're combining Christmas in the Garden with an End of the World PARTY on 12/21/12!
Family-silly hats & cocktails, nothing better.

Jen Crossley said...

Your an amazing talented lady.I love your dog.I will be praying your surgery goes well.My favorite thing about Christmas is being with my Family and missing those who are no longer with me My dear Mum

Tessera said...

My favorite holiday tradition was sharing with time with my family, but now that my Mom is gone it is difficult to continue any old traditions. So, I have been trying to make new traditions & celebrate in different ways. Diane, you are a generous and beautiful person to share and inspire others. Happy holidays and speedy recovery.

Debbie said...

Diana, my favorite Christmas tradition is gathering on Christmas Eve with my family and we always do a Chinese gift exchange. Lots of fun. Your jewelry is so creative and would love to win one of your tutorials.
Merry Christmas.

Sarah said...

I'm already a follower, so please enter me for the giveaway. I love your work and am always inspired by you and your amazing creations. I haven't tried bronze clay yet but it looks so beautiful!

Lexi said...

Oh my gooooodness! What an exciting giveaway. I purchased your heart to heart tutorial, and have so enjoyed it. I reeeeally wanted to attend Art is You, to take Twisted Sistah Cuff...I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for the DVD. Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift of your talent. You are so generous!!!!

Michelle Kenny said...

Hi Diana! I love the gorgeous look of your bronze pieces. Thank you for offering this giveaway...Give hugs to Miss Olive!