Monday, April 23, 2012

From Charmin to Couture

What do you get when you take two little girls (ages 6 and 9) full of spirit and imagination, three rolls of Charmin toilet paper, masking tape, ribbon, a glue gun and a paper plate.....sheer magic  OR "Project Girlsway".

When learning of our grand daughters' visit this past weekend, my husband and I tried to think of various activities to keep the girls active and happy.  My oldest grand daughter has a talent for fashion design which I like to nurture any chance I can and my youngest grand daughter loves to model and dance.  What better thing to do but to re-create our version of Project Runway.

  When I first approached the girls about the idea and told them that we were going to design a bridal gown out of nothing but toilet paper, masking tape and ribbons, my oldest's (the fashion designer) face just went blank with wide opened eyes....wondering what on earth is Nana thinking!! But if the designers on Project Runway can design awesome outfits with recyclables, lights, etc., we certainly  could design something with toilet paper......especially if it is Charmin.  So we took the Charmin challenge and put it's strength and softness to the test.

What an absolute blast we had!!

My camera loved my little model.  Whether it was standing perfectly still like a mannequin as her big sister wrapped and twisted TP about her, or flirting with the camera, she was in her element with no direction at all....I was thoroughly amazed at how comfortable she was in front of the camera.  I know I am biased.....but I think she is stunningly beautiful. 

So excuse me if I take space in this post to share some of my favorite photos of my girls. Unfortunately, the details in the gown are lost in these photos but just imagine a halter neckline, mermaid fitted bodice and flared, ruffled skirt complete with accents of pure white rosettes...yes made with TP also.

.....not to mention a headband and bouquet...

Love the attitude of the designer out Christian and Austin. I must commend her as she pushed through her initial apprehensiveness of this challenge and chose to pursue it with abandon.  A good example of a healthy way of approaching life's obstacles and experiencing the joy of her creativity. 

Hoping you all had a great weekend and celebrated joyous moments in your life as well!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Memories

When thinking about what to write for this post, my memories swirled back and back and back to Easter's gone by.  I pulled out my boxes of old family photos hoping to find quite a few Easter shots but only came upon this single solitary photo for now.

Here are my sisters and I with my Grandmother Lillian and our cousin JoAnn.  I am the one on the right....the tallest one with my two sisters, Darlene and Susan, on my right.  Aren't we sweet in our Easter dresses.  And OMG look at the hair styles....looks like my mom (or dad) liked to cut our hair and getting a little carried away with cutting poor sisters.

My Grandmother was a big influence on me growing up.  She was Swedish and has quite a life story to tell.  She taught me about the importance of taking care of my skin as a young teenager, makeup, manners, cooking Swedish specialty dishes, independence, determination and being a survivor.....a strong woman indeed.....and did I mention opinionated....maybe that's where I get it from....something I have to work on. 

This particular Easter was spent up at "the farm" in New Hampshire. I grew up in Massachusetts until I was 10 years old and we would visit out grandparents on their farm in New Hampshire.   A place where I discovered the yumminess of picking an apple off the tree, sprinkling it with salt and savoring every bite.  A place where I would watch piglets take their first breath and wonder through pastures and fields surrounded by stone wall fences.  A place where we would hand pick blueberries growing in the wild and my Aunt baking the most amazing mouthwatering blueberry pies smothered with melting ice cream.  Oh waves of goodness just thinking about it.

I hope your weekend is filled with good memories, hopes and dreams.  Easter and springtime are bursting with new beginnings, life and great expectations.