Thursday, May 10, 2012



May is the month that high schools have their spring formals or proms.  And I am reminded of my own prom fantasy dates.  So, again, I dug through photos of my early years and gleaned two photos that were poignant.  The above photo is of me as a high school senior at 17 with my son's father, oh so long ago.  

My parents struggled financially and could not afford to buy me a new dress so our kind neighbor offered to lone me one of her many gowns.  I remember having to take it in a little here and there and padding my bra to not look so flat chested.  

I spent hours doing my hair in all those pillow curls and spraying almost an entire can of aqua net in the hopes my coiffeur would withstand the evening of festivities.  Oh yes, and the false eyelashes, makeup and manicure......the entire day was devoted to getting pretty.

I was so in love at that first love.  Nothing like a first love....right girls.  Good times!

Here I am as a junior getting ready for yet another prom date with my boyfriend at the time, Bob.  Love the tiara and the ratted up hair (oh, how I remember how long it took and the torture of combing all of those knots out...ouch).  Gloves were a big thing then...pretty dramatic...and speaking of drama, look at that huge catlaya orchid corsage.  I thought I looked pretty special at the time.  

I must be getting old as I have grown fond of reminicing and looking at my life's journey, where I have come from, the wonderful people I have met along the way, the blessings, the lessons, the joys.

I think it is important to remember our journey and to be thankful, grateful and reminded of the importance of  treasuring each and every moment....even the not so special moments hold truths and value as they contribute to our spiritual growth.

Have you looked through your scrapbooks, yearbooks, baby books, boxes of photos, kept greeting cards, love letters and notes as of late?  Try spending part of a day just by yourself sifting through these mementos, memories and warm will bless you!