Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My Tutu Is Coming!

Yes, you read it correctly...I am getting a tutu and, yes, it is pink
 Just have to find those perfect leggings to go with it. If you are interested in having your very own tutu....I ordered mine from an Etsy seller...Sisters of the Moon Designs.  They have numerous different styles and colors and sew to order in your size.

 I am preparing for Art Is You in Petaluma September 19-23.  Friday is Pink Day and everyone is invited to wear pink, be pink, and live pink for the day.  Money raised that day will be donated to the Women's Cancer Support Group in Petaluma.  

Sallianne, Ellen and Marlene (the amazing organizers of Art Is You) are planning some Weird, Wild and Wonderful events and happenings during the week .....not to mention the fabulous classes being offered.  

If you are not familiar with Art Is You, I invite you to check out the website and get all of the particulars for Art It You in Petaluma, CA and Stamford, CT. 

I have the pleasure of teaching two classes in Petaluma.  On Sunday, September 23rd, I will be teaching my new Madame Bijoux Box class.

and on Friday evening, September 21st,  my Twisted Sistah Cuff class.

 Art is You has it all.... the beautiful Sheraton Hotel,  scrumptious food, exceptional people, inspirational and fun classes, amazing trunk show (saving my pennies for that), the charming town of Petaluma, and the event itself is one of the most nourishing mixed media art retreats I have had the pleasure of attending.  

Now I have to find that special pair of pajamas to wear on Sunday. Yes, that is right, Sunday is Pajama Day.  I will be standing up in front of my class teaching in my fun will that be!

Hoping to have some of you join me for this spectacular event!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Petite Retreat

Sweet Memories

Ten glorious days ago I had the pleasure of hosting Petite Retreat, a three day jewelry design workshop with the added bonus of shopping at Remnants of the Past antique show.  
Ten fabulous women shared those three days with me as we played with solder, glass, fabric, bling, wire, beads and.....of course....arms, and heads.  
Ten days later, after all the creative spirits returned to their homes, both far and near, I am still basking in the sweet reminiscense of their visit.  These flowers, given to me by  Charlene Gray, are still gracing my patio and a reminder of how blessed I am to have the opportunity to share what I love with others.  

Diana's class sample

Diana's class sample

The first two days were devoted to creating personalized Briar Rose soldered boxes, either made into adornments to wear or eye candy to display.  

Brigitte's couture gown


First step...honoring that fashionista in us and creating a gown to display inside of the soldered box.  Everyone's personality was so evident in the choices of fabric, design and embellishing touches. I loved seeing all of the variety and uniqueness of styles.

Next, came the construction of the box, glass grinding, hammering of a little metal and soldering with a soldering iron.

From left to right:  Jan Petek, Diana Salvucci-Smith, Julie Strohlman, Charlene Gray

From left to right:  Jody Cottrell, Vickie Orlando, Sandy Navarro, Cecelia Alvarado, Terry San Filippo, Brigitte Willse
I was so impressed with every single creation.   

Friday, was Charlene's birthday and we celebrated her with lunch, gifts and, of course, a crown and cake. 

Charlene and Jody

Charlene is such a jewel....I just love her!

On Saturday, we started the day off by being almost the first in line for Remnants of the Past antique show.  We all dashed to Robin Kaplan's booth where many tried on her gorgeous clothes and even took home a piece or two. 

Jo Packham was sitting at a table right next to Robin's booth signing the latest issue of Where Women Create.  I had never met Jo so decided to introduce myself.  Upon saying my name, Jo looked at me while pulling up her sleeve and said "Are you the Diana Frey who designed this cuff?".  To my amazement, Jo had on one of my cuffs that she purchased in a boutique in Denver.  That was a "feel good" moment.  Always great to meet the people who respond to my work and enjoy wearing pieces that have a bit of "me" embedded in the metal.  Thank you Jo!

We all decided to take advantage of a beautiful gypsy wagon as a backdrop for a group photo.  (sorry were not there....just couldn't tear you away from that shopping!!)

After lunch, we headed back to the studio and soldered away until about 8 p.m.  Sunday we created jewelry components with sheet metal and solder; created nests, French beaded vines; and learned about making attachments. 

Diana's class sample. student samples to share here as they are completing their pieces in their home studios. 

New friendships were made and old friendships renewed during those three days of Petite Retreat....a genuine bonding of like minded souls.   I loved every moment of it.  Thank you all for choosing to come and spend those days with me...I so appreciate you and look forward to our continued creative adventure together.