Monday, September 10, 2012

And The Winner Is!!

Putting my new little friend, Miss Olive Rose (to be home with us in just 2 short weeks from today) to work in spreading the word that Countrychick52 (Jan Hunter) is the lucky winner of my Twisted Sistah Choker DVD.  I used the random number generator and it quickly picked #23. ( I did have to delete duplicate entries into the giveaway....sorry just one opportunity per person.)

Jan if you could please contact me, I will get your DVD off to you soon.  

Thank you ALL who participated in this giveaway and for your expressed interest in my first online jewelry workshop.  The online version is up and running with its first day being very exciting for me.

I will have DVD's available in my Etsy store  the end of this month for those of you interested.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Studio Update

Taking a few minutes out to catch my breath and to share with you what I have been up to in my studio lately.

Here I stand at my soldering bench in my slippers (and, yes, I do still have my jammies of the perks of having a home business).  I have been preparing for Art Is You in Petaluma which takes place in just a few weeks.  I have the pleasure of teaching a few classes there and taking a class myself from Sunny Carvalho.  I will be taking Sunny's Dollandia excited.

Many of you have asked when I might have more heartboxes to sell....well I will have a few available to purchase at Art Is You for those of you interested.

Student kits are being wrapped....

Gifties are being assembled out of antique film canisters....

Sweet little Bead Beds are being wrapped and made ready for my in-class store.  I just LOVE these little 6" x 6" bead beds.  They  make my beading projects so much easier.  The bumper-like-borders of these beds prevent beads from escaping.  Each of these bead beds is handmade out of beautiful Cheetah fabric.  The bed portion is made with select fabric that interacts very well with seed beads especially.  Just shimmy the board or run your fingers over the top of the beads and they will all settle with the hole side up....making them very easy to pick up with your needle.  I also use these beds for projects using larger beads as well. 
Bead Beds will be available in my Etsy store soon.

On the other side of my studio is my "shipping" department.....I am busy sending out kits to my Twisted Sistah Choker online jewelry workshop students.  Class starts in just 5 days!!!  Be sure to sign up for my Twisted Sistah Choker DVD giveaway.....see my August 1st post.  The lucky winner will be selected Sept 10th.  DVD's will be available in my Etsy store the end of September.  Visit Creative Workshops for online workshop details.

And in between getting ready for my classes, I am designing a few new baubles for myself....

Well that completes my little tour of what is happening in my little part of paradise here on the central coast of California.... now it's time to get out of my jammies, exercise, eat and back to the studio.....I am so blessed.

So looking forward to seeing those of you who will be at Art Is You.