Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Virgin No More

Art Camp Virgin No More

A little over a week ago I was surrounded with loving friends, making art every day, dining on delicious morsels of lovingly prepared food, walking the beach taking in nature's bounty, and filling my heart with laughter and rejuvenating my spirit….sound like heaven????  Yes, I was at Terri Brush's Art Camp in Lincoln City, Oregon.  
Ten of us friends all gathered in one beautiful beach house at Art Camp…..such giving souls.  Trick or Treat came early to this small town on the Oregon Coast as artfully designed totes, a collaborative between Diana Salvucci-Smith, Sandy Navarro and Vickie Orlando, were gifted to each person.  The totes were soon filled with gifties each one of us brought to share in celebration of our treasured friendships.  Diana Salvucci-Smith created the beautiful beach fairy necklace for each of us (see above). 

The three vacation homes you see above housed all the camp participants.  Ours was the sweet little blue house in the center.  Terri makes each guest feel so very special and pampered.  Look at the cute name tag that welcomed me on the door of my bedroom along with a Victoria Secret bag on the bed complete with delightfully scented body cream.  Thank you, Terri, everything was perfect!
A gathering of my art sisters in our little Blue House…Jan, Diana, Cindy, Charlene, Joy, Sandy, Vickie, Laurie, Lori,  Doreen and Kadee. 
We had the usual fun of taking photos of all of us.  Top photo of our host and instructors: (L to R) Terri Brush, Colleen MoodyNatalie Summers Hansen

Then we have a photo of Thelma and Louise who insisted hanging out with us and getting into all types of shenanigans.

Third photo:  Charlene, Me with the big nose, and Doreen….such fun. 

More fun!
Look at the fantastic projects we worked on during the three days.  The day spent with Terri was filled with playing with fire and solder making slider beads, soldered focals and wrapping it all up with leather cord….loved it!
For two glorious days we played with Colleen Moody in designing wonderful sculpted mystical creatures.  We played with paper clay, sculpted, sanded, painted, and dressed each creation with glee.
Fabulous witch's hats complete with lights were created in Natalie's class.  I have mine displayed on my kitchen table now with one of Colleen's little witches standing guard nearby.
 Look at the sampling above of the diverse creations that resulted from Colleen's class…..amazing!! (from L to R) Awesome vulture queen by Lisa….this piece was jaw-dropping amazing in person….really!!!; Diana Salvucci-Smith; Joy Campbell and on the bottom we have Miss Sandy Navarro and her sweet girl.
These are the woman who kept us fed with wonderful food, our houses well equipped with fresh linens every day and goodies.  Thank you to all.
Walks on the beach with friends, or in solitude, were very welcomed and so fulfilling and nurturing to me.

And of course we did our share of shopping.  We first all met in Portland at Monticello's for an amazing shopping spree and lunch. And then later at Art Camp, I purchased this fabulous doll(s) from Colleen.

This 4-day, little slice of heaven, respite was just what this girl needed.  If you haven't experienced Terri Brush's Art Camp yet, I encourage you to do so…..just the best gathering of art sisters ever!!


Katalina Jewelry said...

Looks like you had a great time! I stayed in little blue last spring...such a cute little cottage!

Holly Loves Art said...

AHHHHH.... How lovely Diana. I've heard such great things about Art Camp. Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous pictures. So happy you had such a wonderful time.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Heaven!!!! Thank you for sharing!


natalie said...

It was so great to finally meet you Diana! I always see your beautiful creations online, and hear about your wonderful classes... I hope this next year that I can take my little vintage trailer your direction, glamp near the ocean, and take one (or two) of your classes!! Much Love, Natalie

Terri Brush said...

Awww. what a sweet wonderful story!... it was a GREAT HONOR having your presence at Art camp with all us lucky ladies.. XOXO

Sandy Navarro said...

Loved every minute of it and always do with you, my friend,. You said it all so perfectly that I just shared it on Facebook for all to enjoy! Hugs,

Auntie Joy said...

You are such a please to know. You bring such an inspiration to the "party". Hope to see you again soon. xo

Auntie Joy said...

It was such a pleasure getting acquainted with you! You bring inspiration and amazement to the "party"!!
Hope to see you again soon.
xo JOY!

Riki Schumacher said...

Looks like a fabulous time for all! So much fun, glad you got to take part Diana.

cindy craine said...

We did have fun didn't we! Your post was perfect and your memories match mine! All of my projects are in the mail so I can't post yet, WA! Miss you!-xoxox

Louie said...

So glad you had such a great time! I loved meeting all you lovely talented ladies and hope to see you all again at art camp!!!! :)

Louie said...

So glad you had such a great time! I loved meeting all you lovely talented ladies and hope to see you all again at art camp!!!! :)

Jan Petek said...

Such a great post Diana! We had soooo much fun didn't we? Your post said it all perfectly and I love all of the photos! Makes me want to go there again right now!
Terri did such a great job! But the best part was spending time with you and the rest of the girls! Laughing, chuckling, laughing and more laughing! So good for the soul! I can't wait till we get together next time! Take care! Love you! Jan

Charlene said...


You have such a way with words & photography!!! You captured the essence of camp down to the last little detail. I am so glad you joined us! And that we all got the chance to spend time together making beautiful memories. I miss all of my sweet Art Sisters so much. HUGS!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Lucky lucky you. I lived in beautiful Lincoln City and miss walking along the ocean. What a great experience to make beautiful jewelry in such a gorgeous place.


Chris said...

Fun! Great pictures! So glad you shared this lovely time~

Colleen Moody said...

Ditto on what everyone else said. You did such a great job capturing the Art Camp experience.

I'm so glad I got to meet you (finally) and am looking forward to spending some time in your studio with you next year at one of your workshops. Can't wait!


Maggie said...

Diana, this was a great post that had me GREEN WITH ENVY!! Someday I hope to get to one of Terri's Art Camp...it's only an hour and a half away from me here in Portland, for heaven's sake!! What a great group of super talented ladies were at this gathering. WOW, just wow. Glad you had fun in Lincoln City and great that you got to go to Monticello, too...isn't it wonderful!?!