Monday, February 18, 2013

Willow Nest

Reconnecting with friends after 20 years is such a joyous occasion....and just picking up where you left off all those years ago....that's what I did this last weekend.

Lynda (Flynn) Marcov of Willow Nest and her sweet husband, Ludmil, have settled into their new "nest" here on the central coast of California all the way from Burton, TX.  Some of you may know this talented couple if you are Round Top regulars.  

Ludmil and Lynda will be offering their wares once a month, the second weekend of each month, in what used to be the old blacksmith shop on the Old Edna property here in the San Luis Obispo area.  These two make such an incredible duo with Ludmil's architecture background and love of repurposing the a new yet nostalgic look to his resulting creations.  And Lynda waves her magic wand, clicks her heals three times and transforms any old little building (or tent for that matter) into romantic eye candy.

Here is sweet Lynda.  In another life time ago, I worked with Lynda as her fashion consultant assistant, gofer, model, driver, administrative assistant and retail clerk.  We had so much fun together. 

Lynda and Ludmil's work has been published in countless magazines.  Where ever they go the paparazzi find them.  We are so blessed to have them right here on the central coast now.  Their hand-picked French finds can be found (and purchased) right here in my backyard now.....can  you tell I am excited!    I did find a few treasures this past weekend.....but my most treasured find....was our rekindled friendship. sweet!


And while I am speaking of talented women, let me introduce you to another friend of mine, Pattea Torrence owner of the township of Old Edna.  You must visit the Old Edna website and take a tour of this charming hideaway.  Pattea purchased this property several years ago and is constantly upgrading, remodeling, fine-tuning and pouring her creative self into every detail of the wine tasting building, the Bed and Breakfast accommodations and grounds.  Her newest endeavor has been to remodel the dilapidated little, quaint house that has lived on the property for many, many years.  It was long overdue for a loving hand.  Here are a few photos of Pattea's masterpiece.

The perfect place for a romantic get-away in the heart of the wine country of the central coast of California.  Wine taste during the day, eat at one of San Luis Obispo's many outstanding restaurants, shop in our charming downtown area, take a walk on the beach and return to your little piece or paradise.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life is Good!

Life is Good here on the central coast of California complete with good friends, food and playing in my studio once again.

A few weeks ago I had the most heart-warming surprise show up on my doorstep.....two of my favorite friends....Vickie and Charlene.  Vickie and I had planned our get-together but little did I know that our friend, Charlene, had made the long trip from Texas to visit as well.  How dear they both were...laden with gifts, well wishes, and hugs. Life has been good in many ways during this time of recovery. It has blessed me with reminders of how rich my life is and to open my eyes to the appreciation of the simple pleasures of daily living that surround me.  These two women have the biggest, most generous hearts.  Their visit gave me the inspiration and jump start I needed to make the transition from convalescing (and a bit of the ole poor me's) to leaping back into a joy-filled life.....which was there all the time.  

We had three glorious days together in which we dined al fresco at one of San Luis Obispo's new boutique restaurants.....Charlene and I on the patio below....where we had the most glorious grilled cheese sandwiches complete with a selection of exotic cheeses, fresh basil and tomatoes...yum.

 Of course we did a little shopping.  The shop below is Serendipity in the Village of Arroyo Grande...full of art, found objects, clothes and treats.

And speaking of art...look at the pieces on display in Serendipity below.  I am so very proud of my friend, Stephani Gorman, for having several of her paintings featured front and center in this lovely boutique.  Congratulations Steff!!!  They are great.

Simple pleasures such as preparing meals once again have been so refreshing.  Having fun trying new recipes and cooking for my hubby......he's been taking care of me for the past several weeks and now it's my turn to give back.  

One of my favorite breakfast dishes is polenta, fried egg with cheese, fresh basil, tomatoes and avocado...yummy!  

Butternut risotto is another with a side of grilled zucchini.  Comfort food indeed!

Spending time in my studio again, getting my hands dirty in bronze clay.  I love this clay.... it holds a lot of possibilities and the color is divine.  Here are a few pieces I have designed from the clay bits that came out of my kiln last week.  

I will be teaching a 3-day retreat (Petite Retreat) in my home studio the end of May where we will explore the basics of bronze clay.  See my "Classes" section for details.  The retreat is currently full, however, I do have a waiting list if anyone would like to be added to it.

I am participating in Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party and Swap for the first time this spring.  How exciting....I have been partnered with an accomplished ceramic bead artist on the East Coast who I will reveal to you in my next post.  Lori's swaps are such a great opportunity to meet new people, work with beads different from which we are used to working with, encouraging our creative muses in different directions, and giving us the privilege of sharing what we love to create with others. Check out her blog and prepare yourself in joining in the fun of the next bead swap.